1. What services do you offer?
Chemical Intelligence currently offers three subscription based report services on glycols, methanol, and solvents. The reports are sent via e-mail or fax to subscriber clients every two weeks. Each service also includes unlimited "alerts" which are sent out immediately upon hearing of any news likely to affect the markets. In this way we ensure our clients are the most informed in the industry. The services also allow for free access to our client website containing an archive of past reports, as well as historical price and production data available for download. In addition to market reports, Chemical Intelligence publishes the World Glycol and Antifreeze Industry Directory on CD that details contact information on over 800 individuals. As a full service firm, Chemical Intelligence also undertakes numerous consulting projects ranging from new product introduction studies, litigation support, executive searches, and most often specific market analysis projects.

2. Can you help us source specific chemical products?
No, we are not brokers, we are a team of dedicated objective consultants. However, we can and often do aid in efforts to find suppliers or buyers as part of our consulting work.

3. What makes your report services different from those offered by other consultants?
First and foremost, content. We challenge all companies to compare the amount of information and depth in our reports with any competitor reports. Secondly, we believe our services provide an incredible value. For a fraction of what other firms charge for a report service on the same subject, we provide a a wealth of extra information, unlimited "alerts" to keep our subscriber clients ahead of the pack in terms of current information, and free access to past reports and historical data other firms charge thousands of dollars extra for.

4. Can we contact someone to discuss market activity?
Subscribers are encouraged to contact us regarding specific questions or to discuss anything related to the markets.

5. How do you get information?
Our consultants maintain working relationships with a wide range of contacts from producers to end users, traders, brokers, and even shipping companies and packagers.

6. You are no longer The Commodity Consultants Group, so what has changed?
Only our company name and the adoption of a renewed commitment to deliver more information and services. The company name was changed to more accurately reflect what we strive to achieve and what we think differentiates us from other consulting firms.