Chemical Intelligence is a full service consulting firm available for a wide array of services and proprietary work. Our consultants have experience collecting valuable and relevant data and developing objective commentary and conclusions. Although Chemical Intelligence is widely regarded as a leader in the glycol (MEG, DEG, TEG, MPG and antifreeze), methanol, solvents (including acetone, IPA, MEK, MIBK, mineral spirits, toluene and xylene) and derivative markets, the company has a broad experience base and regularly undertakes studies of other commodity chemical and derivative product markets. Past work also includes similar research into petroleum product markets, as well as litigation support, and executive search efforts. Given our wide range of experience, we welcome any suggestion for a new study or focus area.

Previous engagements have included short and long-term projects involving a variety of subjects including market assessments and new product introductions, both for U.S. clients and foreign firms. Chemical Intelligence has also acted as an intermediary for international companies wishing to make contact with North American buyers, sellers, and distributors of glycol, methanol, solvents and other petrochemical products. Please contact us to discuss any need you might have.

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