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Surging raw material costs prompted a flurry of solvent nominations for mid-March.

ExxonMobil will increase its ARO 100 and ARO 150 prices 6 cts/lb, and move its MEK, aliphatic (regular mineral spirits, OMS, hexane and heptane among other products), and ARO 200 prices up 10 cts/lb on March 11th. It will increase its IPA price 10 cts/lb on March 15th.

Phillips 66 will move its hexane and heptane offers up 10 cts/lb on March 14th.

Chevron Phillips announced a 4 cts/lb OMS hike for March 15th.

Citgo will move its aliphatic prices (hexane, heptane, and various grades of mineral spirits among other products) and its toluene and MX prices up 10 cts/lb on March 19th.

Lyondell announced a 10 cts/lb IPA increase for March 24th.