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The Plaza Group announced it will increase its toluene and MX prices 7 cts/lb effective June 13th.

Citgo announced that on June 18th it will move its toluene and MX prices up 17 cts/lb and 20 cts/lb respectively, and it will increase its aliphatic offers 12 cts/lb.

ExxonMobil notified customers that on June 16th it will make the following increases:
Regular mineral spirits and OMS: + 6 cts/lb
Hexane: +8 cts/lb
Heptane: +12 cts/lb
ARO 100: +15 cts/lb
ARO 150: +18 cts/lb
MEK: +15 cts/lb

Total will increase its ARO 100 and ARO 150 prices 12 cts/lb and 7 cts/lb effective June 15th.