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The recent wintery weather and higher feedstock costs prompted a flurry of nominations and announcements. Many plants in Texas remain impacted by power outages and frigid temperatures, and logistic delays are expected to further exacerbate supply constraints.

Monument declared force majeure on all products from its Houston, TX and Brandenburg, KY facilities effective February 17th. Prior to the force majeure, it had announced a 10 cts/lb MIBK and 15 cts/lb IPA increase effective March 1st.

Altivia and Eastman announced 20 cts/lb and 15 cts/lb MIBK increases respectively effective March 1st.

Lyondell also announced a 15 cts/lb IPA increase effective March 1st. It noted that while it has declared force majeure on many products from its Channelview, TX plant IPA is not currently one of the products; although sales volumes will be monitored.

Calumet announced a 5 cts/lb aliphatic increase for February 22nd. It follows its 3 cts/lb hike it announced for earlier this month.

ExxonMobil announced a similar 5 cts/lb aliphatic increase effective February 25th. In storm related news, it reported it had shutdown operations at its Baytown and Beaumont plants on February 16th.

Tauber moved its toluene price up 2 cts/lb effective February 17th. The Plaza Group will increase its toluene price 3 cts/lb and its MX offers a penny effective February 22nd.